Demo Kits
Custom Made Wireless Demonstration Fixtures

Control the lights using your Android smart device and fully demonstrate the system's capabilities on the spot.
Our portable demo kits alow you to expirence our innovative systems anywhere!
Effortlessly position your fixtures in anylocation, with NO WIRES!


Each fixture is available with
the following options:

Choose your own light output and control.

Warm White : 2700K - 3000K
Near White : 3800K - 4000K
Smart : Dimming, Zoning, Scene Design, Timing, Intensity Mixing
RGBW : Smart, Red, Green, Blue, White, and Full Color Mixing

Complete Demo Light Kit
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Complete Demo Light Kit
  • 3 RGBW Cool LED Lights
  • 3 Chargers
  • Lumen Based Controller Included
  • Aluminium Case
  • Free App!
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  • Demo Light Unit

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    Demo Light Unit

  • Wireless Fixture
  • Battery Powered ~ 30 Hours
  • Select Cool (7000k) or Warm (3800k) white
  • Charging System (included)
  • Requires Lumen-Based Controller* See Below
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